Flash Games Were Basically My Childhood


Growing up on dial-up internet, there was only so many games that I could play and because growing up, my parents didn’t want me playing PlayStation, Nintendo, because they were “violent video games” and that they, “weren’t teaching you anything but click, click, click.” So, I grew up playing Flash Games.

I PLAYED SO MANY FLASH GAMES! I’m talking about all the mini-games, stimulation games, puzzle games, adventure games, action games; from sites like MoFunzone, Miniclip, Addicting Games and of course, the grandfather of them all, Newgrounds.

If you hop on into Newgrounds.com, you’ll find that there are still so many flash games out there! Even the flash movies are still alive and well. If you go on YouTube and look up the channel Alan Becker, he basically sums up what flash games were. Fun! Entertaining! And you, somehow, never really got bored. You’d play for hours before you get bore.

There were (and still are) so many weird little games! They were so weird, yet so fun! Like Spank the Monkey, Interactive Buddy, Bow man a game where you only had to use your mouse to aim and you can even play multiplayer on it! I remember playing a health game, where I was a nurse and I swear to you! The things that I learn from that game was so real that even my 3rd college buddy was annoyed that I knew about things like pulmonary embolism, clogged arteries and so much more. L5, L4, L3s. And I actually knew what to do when it happened to me! Amazing! I wish that game was still around, I’m still looking for it in the annals of MoFunZone.

How Flash Games were Made

A flash game is what you may call nowadays a browser-type game, where you log in or just visit a website and it’ll be there. Free, no pay-wall, nothing. Just free! And they were relatively easy to make, draw up some pretty simple graphics on Microsoft Paint, add them to Adobe Flash MX (which is now called Adobe Animate) which basically follows a step formula of frame-by-frame sequencing usually using either a .PNG or .GIF and simply combing all to make one coherent move.

If you’re ever heard of Alien Hominid, who’s basically a little green alien that’s now available (or was) PlayStation 2, PSP, Arcades, Gameboy Advance; that is one of the most well-known games in the era of flash games (By the way, you can actually play this if you have an iOS device.). Proof that even a simple flash game, with enough popularity can be ported on to the big boys table.

Flash Games weren’t always flashy, they focused on the gameplay. They were simple, but I promise you, they were really cool. Really fun!

In short, Flash games were basically my childhood, I highly recommend it for those who want to know what it was once like without actually have to pay money for it. Remember, flash games are free!