Flash Games To Play When You Are Bored

bored games

Flash games are very useful when you are bored at home with nothing to do. Whether that be because you are sick or it’s raining or maybe it’s just a day off from your everyday job, flash games are something that everyone can turn to because there is something for everyone to play. Here are some of the best flash games to play when you are bored.

Magic Pen. Magic pen is a cute and simple little puzzle game that is easily one of the most classic games that you can play. You will quickly understand why it’s so popular with lots of game variations that have came out inspired by this game. The point is to get the ball from one side of the screen over to the goal on the other side. You must do this by drawing in obstacles and bridges to get the ball past easily.

Tetris. You can never go wrong with a classic game such as Tetris. It might sound boring and not like something that you want to play when you are already bored, but Tetris can be extremely fun and if you haven’t played it in a while you will certainly enjoy going back into the nostalgia of the block building game.

Mansion Impossible. The concept of this game is to buy and sell houses and turn them into huge mansions. It is a lot like Sim City Tycoon and you will be sure to have endless hours of fun while you try to level up and sell bigger and better houses and mansions. You can also grow out your small neighborhood into a big city full of mansions. This game will keep you entertained.

There you go, a list of games to keep you entertained even at your most bored moments.